Start your Local Service Business in 30 Days

Biznitos will turn your idea into a real business that gets customers in 30 days. We'll setup your online presence, marketing, advertising, operations, content and payments.

  • How much does it cost?

    It costs $5,000 USD to get your business setup over 30 days from idea to operation.

  • Does it really take 30 days?

    To setup the majority of small businesses is possible within 30 days. In some cases, it might take more, but in our onboarding discussion we will set the appropriate implementation period depending on your needs. If it does take more time, the cost will go up proportionally with the increased implemntation time. You will have no cost surprises.

  • What kind of businesses do you setup?

    We setup local service businesses. Any kind of service or product you sell locally is an ideal candidate for what we do. We do not setup businesses that cater to an audience larger than the city they are in. We can help you setup a local franchise of a larger national business though. Check out the types of businesses we can setup.

  • I can just buy a course...

    Sure, but then you have to do everything yourself. Why not have a team setup all the details for you? We've successfully setup many businesses over the years.

  • What are the things that you do?

    Here is the complete checklist of things that we do to setup your business. We also give you a set of SOP's at the end so you can do these yourself and expand on them to grow.

  • Do you setup my online presence?

    Yes, we do setup your website and social media. We write the copy that makes customers want to come to you. We seed your social media with content, and setup your website with blog posts that attract local customers to your business.

  • How do I find staff to help me run operations?

    One of the things we do is help you find your team when you are ready. We help you find remote staff to help run local operations, generate content and handle sales and marketing.

  • Do you setup advertising too?

    Yes! We setup Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Both the creative and marketing funnel to help you get new customers.

  • Do you have a payment plan?

    Sure, we can give you a payment schedule over the implementation period. We set an implementation period based on the kind of business you have and how extensive you want it to be. All contracts start with an initial downpayment.

  • Do you guarantee success?

    No. We cannot guarantee success. All we can do it setup the framework that allows you to easily service customers, collect payments and attract new ones, as they come to you. We cannot control competition, economic conditions or your own efforts.

  • Whatever... I can do this myself!

    Of course! We did it ourselves too. But then, why are you reading this? You're reading it because it's a lot of work! You're busy with your W2 full-time job, or your other business. Asking someone to help you is not a sign of weakness, it's just being practical.