Weekly Newsletters done for you

Weekly Newsletters done for you

Get your weekly newsletter on track. We'll write them, edit them, you approve them, then we send them and give you the analytics.

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$400.00 - Per month, for up to 50,000 subscribers. One newsletter created each week.

A weekly newsletter is still the best way to keep your existing customers buying from you again and again. 

But what if you don't have the time.

And... What are you going to put in it? When should you send it? Is it bringing customers back to you?

Here's what we do for you...

#1 Setup your subscription form with an offer
We'll setup your email list and a subscription form that we can host for you or that you can put on your website. It will come with an offer that we work on together, such as a freebie or discount. We can even setup a subscription form on a tablet in your retail store.

#2 Write your newsletter every week
Biznitos will write your newsletter every week. This email can contain your products, services, helpful advice for your customers or a combination of all three. You approve it before it goes out.

#3 Send your newsletter
Finally, we deliver your newsletter, and deliver the statistics to you a few days later. You will know which individual subscribers are opening your email, clicking through and the response rates.

Your businesses need a newsletter if you do...

Selling products online? You need to keep your customers abreast of new items in stock, how your products work and the benefits to their life. We'll work with you to determine what products you want to promote each week and craft an email that's sure to bring back buyers.

Consumer Services
Lawn care, Yoga studio, car rental or anything in between! All service businesses benefit amazingly from a weekly newsletter. It gets your customers to recommit to your service, learn valuable tips related to your business, and learn about your other offerings.

Professional Services
Lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychologists and consultants need newsletters. A newsletter is important to keep you at top of mind with your clients. Especially how you see industry trends and what your services or treatments can do for them.

How much does it cost?

$400.00 USD per/month

No contracts. No lock-ins. Cheaper than a full-time person. And you can end it anytime.

Here's what you get:

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