About Us

The internet is filled with companies and services who help to build websites, optimize SEO and setup social media channels. You probably get some emails from web designers, SEO consultants and various tools to help you post content online.

You even perhaps subscribe to content that shows you how to do copywriting, how to take photos, how to edit videos, when to post and even who your audience should be.

But something dramatic was missing.

That’s right, the people who actually, come up with ideas, write the content and post it. Everyone expects you to do it, but you are busy, writers are expensive and they don't understand what you want.

That’s why Biznitos was started.

We saw that business owners were setting up websites and social media channels. But these were updated rarely, most with substandard content, and, eventually, updates would stop completely.

Sites and social media accounts would eventually go dormant for a very good reason.

Owners of these channels, like you, are typically very busy people taking care of customers. This is where we step in.

Biznitos will write, edit and post your content weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. In either rain, sleet or snow, we'll never stop.

We have years of experience writing and publishing content for businesses just like yours.

Take a look at our services and plans to see what works for you, then request a consultation. We’ll be very happy to jump start your content once again.